Deep Drawing Press
Sheet Metal Forming Press
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Deep Drawing Press

Sheet Metal Forming Press

Ranging from 6 ton to 2000 tons with wide range of strokes & bolster sizes in single, double or triple action.

• C Frame (Open Throat)
• Closed Frame
• Four Pillar
• Four Column Prestretched Tie Rod
• Bailing Press

Our wide range of presses are being used for every operations like For Deep Drawing, Cold Extrsion, Reviting, Blanking, Press Fit (ASSEMBLY Line), Coining , Heading, Straigntening, Forming & Other Applications.

Features :
• Rigid fabricated structure, Stress relieved, Manufactured to high   quality standards with stage wise inspections.
• Power packs powered with high performance quality hydraulic   systems.
• Precise Guiding arrangements, Adjustable moving slides with well   lubricating system.
• PLC controlled without or with Panel view (HMI) for sequence   setting, Diagnostic capabilities.

Product Quality :

Being a customer oriented organization, quality concerns are met with complete devotion form our staff. If the roots of a plant is weak, it can not stand tough weather, it tumbles down, therefore at SPM Controls, we lay prime importance on the raw materials being used during the production to ensure superlative quality finished products. Raw materials are purchased from only select suppliers, who have a reputed name in the market. Our qualified engineers supervise the entire leaving no loopholes in the produce. Stringent Quality control measures are adopted in accordance to the international standards. The finished goods are put through various performance and durability tests, thus making sure that only goods, which are as good as polished diamonds reach our customers.